Remain Relevant & Competitive With a Website Redesign

Are you losing your competitive edge on the internet?

We often hear from new clients who complain that their current websites are not providing the results that they expected or paid for. Very often websites are built without the essentials required to convert visitors into customers. Some of the common problems we observe with other website designs are they are difficult to navigate, lack an intuitive, user-friendly design, the content and technology is outdated or poorly written, the graphic visual impact is less than impressive, and the foundation for Search Engine Optimization efforts is just not there.

It takes a well orchestrated plan, combining multiple design and development aspects, to produce positive online marketing results. As full service graphic and website designers with expertise in SEO and online marketing, we bring a world of experience and knowledge to your unique redesign project. We can analyze your current performance and present solutions to get you where you want to be. Whether it is adding new site functionality, creating new sophisticated graphics, or adding a content management system, we are uniquely positioned to deliver on all fronts.

Answer the following questions honestly to determine if a redesign is in order:

  1. Is my website easy to navigate and can visitors find the information they seek easily and quickly?
  2. Does my website do a quality job of presenting my business?
  3. Does my website present a professional image including original photography?
  4. Does the content messaging and visuals on my website reinforce my brand identity?
  5. Is my website compatible with multiple web browsers and mobile devices?
  6. Does my website compare to my competition in visual appeal, functionality, quality content and search engine rankings?
  7. Is my content being updated on a regular basis to keep visitors interested and coming back?
  8. Can I easily change content that requires regular updates?
  9. Can I track if my website visitors are being converted into leads or sales?  If yes, am I happy with the results?

If you find yourself answering “no” to two or more of these questions, contact us today to find out how our world class redesigns can take your website to a whole new level!

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