Expand Your Reach with Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing, an integral part of any marketing plan.

The next time you step onto a train or bus, take a look around. Social media is everywhere…people on their phones, tablets, and laptops checking Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeting, watching YouTube videos and emailing pictures to a friend.

Social media has become an integral part of daily life for millions around the globe, and savvy businesses that use it wisely in their marketing campaigns are growing their brands and profits exponentially. A successful marketing campaign reaches out to prospects where they spend the majority of their time and social media has become a way of life for millions. Harnessing the power of social media means placing your brand front and center to customers most interested in your products and services in an interactive forum. Effective social media marketing requires creating the opportunity for prospective customers to dialogue about you, providing them interesting content and managing the results. Rather than you having to telling them what makes you special, it is the public buzz of social media that strengthens your brand.

Flying Turtle Studio believes that an effective social media strategy is an integral part of any comprehensive marketing plan. Whether you already have a Facebook page and Twitter account or are starting from scratch, we have experience developing, managing and maintaining social networks to maximize your online footprint. We can setup and manage custom facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts, create customized blogs, and author and publish press releases and contributing news articles to communicate directly with your targeted prospects, generating buzz and expanding your online brand footprint.

We offer flexible, cost-effective plans to make it easy for you to maintain a powerful online presence. You can choose whether you wish to update and manage your social media accounts or if you’d prefer FTS to manage them for you, freeing you up to concentrate on your core business objectives.

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