If you're looking for a company to bring a vision to life and deliver your message to new heights...look no further.

An initial conversation to get acquainted and identify your needs. We begin analyzing your project(s), getting to know your market, target demographic, and competitors. A plan is formulated and required information is gathered to begin the design phase.

Now the fun part. Here is where we begin to bring your project to life. After reviewing the project information, concepts are generated and laid out for client review, then edits and tweaks are made...which brings us to the final phase.

Regardless of whether we developed a website for you, established a brand with a new logo, implemented new functionality into an existing site or printed your marketing collateral...we work with you to turn your ideas into reality. And we are not satisfied unless you are thrilled with the results!

Flying Turtle isn’t just another web and graphic design firm. Our commitment to creative, boundary breaking campaigns is at the core of what we do – and it all started with a dream of a little green turtle taking flight.

No one expects a flying turtle. Maybe an occasional flying squirrel or the oft-discussed flying pig, but turtles are grounded by a cumbersome shell and stout legs. They are seemingly quite flightless. But, imagination is a funny thing. Unbounded from the shackles of conventional wisdom (and gravity), anything is possible. Even a flying turtle.

We realized that a flying turtle was the perfect analogy for what we do as a company (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s fun to say). Boundaries are meant to be tested, pushed, and even broken – overcome not with force but with an unexpected elegance that defies…well, everything.

Modern marketing campaigns require more than just the “same old” pieces put to new use. They require creativity and the ability to integrate a combination of smart copy. graphic design, website design, and web marketing expertise in exciting, “gravity” defying new ways.

Our goal is to take your ideas and objectives, add a liberal dose of boundary breaking inspiration, and create a campaign to push your company to new heights.

More than a Decade and Counting
Flying Turtle, a New Jersey based design agency serving clients in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and beyond, was founded in 1999 with the belief that the only real limitation for an ambitious entrepreneur or burgeoning corporation is the extent of the imagination, something we push and prod daily.

Tapping into our combined expertise in branding, graphic and print design, website design, web marketing, advertising, copywriting and photography, we’ve worked with blossoming businesses on tight budgets and Fortune 500 companies alike. Whether your next campaign is a website redesign or the biggest tradeshow of the year, ideas abound among Flying Turtle’s experienced staff.

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